Create a birthday video celebration for free

Add a ton of joy to any birthday with The Video of Everyone. Our fun birthday video creator takes video messages from friends and family and turns them into a glorious celebration to make the recipient feel loved and special.
Use Facebook to see whose birthdays are coming up.

“It was amazing, such a beautiful surprise, it was really emotional, I cried.” - Iain Hannay

Video greeting

How it works


1. Start a celebration

Choose the occasion, recipient, and give your celebration a title. From birthdays to baby showers, we've got you covered!

2. Record & upload

Record your video message on your mobile (remembering to hold it horizontally in landscape), or on your tablet or computer.

3. Invite others

Invite the recipient's favorite people to record and upload their own video messages.

4. Share your surprise!

Send your video celebration to the lucky person!

Get creative with your video!


Is there size and limit to videos I can upload in the celebration?

No. But we recommend you keeping them short and sweet to keep your video interesting and your upload fast.

How do I see what videos have been uploaded?

The videos are viewable on the video celebration after they’ve been uploaded - it may take a minute to process them.
As the creator of the video celebration you will also get an email as soon as a collaborator adds a video.

Can I download the videos?

"You can download videos individually. You can also download the videos grouped together.
An email will be sent to you to enable you to download a finished montage.
If you haven't received the email contact

How will the recipient be able to view the videos?

The recipient receives a link that takes them to a page that is very silimar to what you as the organiser
see when making the video celebration - on their page they have the option to send a thank you message after watching their videos.

Can I move the video order around?

Not yet, but we're working on it!

I need more information about the videos

If you can't find the information you are looking for, please click here for more FAQs