Meet a few of our Humble Heroes

We've had nominations from right across the country, from all walks of life, each with their own tremendous story to tell. The nominees run the gamut from astounding individuals who have helped tens of thousands of people through their charitable work, to someone's Dad, who was nominated just because he's a good bloke. Here are a few of the fantastic people you've nominated.

Humble Hero nominee Harry


Heroic Harry doesn't let living with Down Syndrome slow him down as he leads the Chester Le Street Amazons under-7s football team to stunning victories.

Humble Hero nominee Jane


Jane has changed thousands of lives through her charitable work in Manila, and given forgotten members of society dignity, education and healthcare.

Humble Heroe nominee Ray


Escaped criminals, moths and rowboats; Ray's story is begging for a big-screen adaptation. Find out how this astonishing man has protected a nature reserve for 60 years.

Humble Heroe nominee Hilda


The queen of crochet. The countess of cross-stitch. She has a cupboard of crafting materials she guards like Fort Knox, and she's supported her local Primary School for almost 20 years.

We believe in celebrating amazing people

That's why we started the Humble Heroes campaign. It’s your friend or your neighbour. Someone who has made a difference to the people around them. Someone who goes above and beyond to help their community. Those unsung heroes who transform everyday life into something uniquely wonderful.

Those are the kind of people who society should celebrate - so when we find the humblest of Humble Heroes, we're going to build a bronze statue of them.

Do you know someone worth celebrating?

Gather up your friends, family and neighbours and say thanks. It only takes a few minutes to let someone know how amazing they really are.

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