We created The Book of Everyone as a gigantic heart-thumping, grin-inducing, lip-wobbling celebration of the individual. Your mum, your son, your lifelong friend, your local baker and smile-maker. Because everyone needs to feel loved and unique. And knowing that you share 50% of your DNA with a banana or a billion atoms with Shakespeare is really very important.

Founded by creative directors Jonny Biggins, Jason Bramley, and Steve Hanson, the idea was sparked when Steve purchased all the newspapers on the birth of his son Saul as a keepsake for his 21st birthday (please don’t tell him, he still doesn’t know). They set to work on creating a personalisation platform that could instantly create a book tailored to anyone, stuffed full with curious facts and curveball miscellany, all set against a backdrop of world events.

It’s a daily labour of love that involves all our favourite artists, designers and photographers. Today, we are a multicultural team of writers, designers, technologists, marketers, and lifelong dreamers with hearts set on spreading a big fat dollop of wonderful across the world. With hundreds of thousands of books spread across 175 countries so far, we've made a start.


Each and every page in each and every book has been crafted with utter love. We’re lucky enough to know and work with some of the very most talented designers in the whole wonderful world. We believe in unusually colorful, simply stunning design. We never stop thinking about how to make everything we do more jaw-droppingly lovely.

Martino Pannofino

Martino’s fine collage and typography work is as colourful as his gesticulations. Dai!

Estefanía Madrid

Estefania’s mixed-media style makes all that crosses her desk take flight. Plus she makes top-notch quinoa.

Anna Masdea

Anna brings striking detail to everything she gets her hands on. Her grin is legendary.

Vladimir Stankovic

Vladimir has created some zoological marvels for our book; we love weird, wonderful and Vladimir.

Fabio La Fauci

Inspired by Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Mininalism. We love Fabio's Awesomeism.

Oscar LLorens

Oscar is an internationally acclaimed artist. His devilishly good animated characters light up the Vice and Virtue Pages.

Daniela Carvalho

We've worked so much with Daniela she's almost become our in-house brilliance that lights up our days.

Simon Svard

Simon added some love, squares, triangles and pink into the books graphical backgrounds.

Patrick Braas

Patrick is about as amazing at retouching as you can get, in fact, no one can touch him.

Pablo Ricciardulli

Pablo sprinkled some of his photographic beauty into the book in the form of a fridge. Nice one Pablo.


A great illustrator who put some real dedication into our dedication page. See what we did there?

Bruno Veloso

Nobody but Bruno could have given quite so much charm and brilliance to our ‘you’ve been busy’ page.

Reuben Paris

Reuben has added his photographic eye to many of our pages, he’s always a delight to work with.

Tom Griffith

Tom photographed his baby, Moa, with a medley of moustaches and beards; we love and thank both of them massively.

Sebastian Sattler

Sebastian bought his unique style to numerous pages in the book. He’s a wonderful designer and great friend.

Diego Ghirardo

Diego, has added some eye-popping 3D graphics to the book. He’s our official beauty doctor and gif wizard.

Tiffany F-G

Tiffany, a marvel at designing with data, creates something quite beautiful out of ones and zeros.


Ignasi Font worked with us to design the sports page, he has more styles than Carnaby Street in spring.


2D superheroes brought to life with Jag's amazing simplistic style of seeing what to leave in.

David Boni

David does photography and film direction. He's brilliant, charming, and has a singing voice like treacle flowing over gravel.

Antonio Dos Santos

This man runs a shop selling retro lovely things and just happens to be a brilliant designer to boot.

Adrian Carroll

Adrian's an amazing designer, he created our vice and virtue page. He runs a superb design agency and he’s a top bloke.

Rusty Deimos

Rusty loves robots. When we say loves, they’re family to him. He whispers a few words of wisdom before setting them free.

Edgar Smith

A mathematical genius who created our algorithm to figure out just how many people were born before you. Smart.

Alex Baker

Our resident wordsmith and poet, sprinkling his magic throughout the book. He would have said this better than us.

Nate Kitch

Scientifically proven, he's one of the best designers we’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s great.

Ian Stevenson

Created a unique piece for the The Book of Everyone launch party. Wise words well worth living by.

Malika Favre

Created this beautiful homage to the Rubik's Cube for our exhibition. Wonderful work, wonderful style, wonderful everything.


Created an amazing piece for the The Book of Everyone exhibition, now gracing the wall in our Barcelona office.

Sac Magique

Created a unique piece for the The Book of Everyone exhibition. Hail, hail Haile Selassie.

Kyle Platts

Created this for our exhibition. He depicted the highest grossing movie of 1988. Can you guess the film?

Jean Jullien

Created this unique piece for us. Eco terrorists (not him, the illustration he created). We love Jean Jullien.

Nous Vous

Produced a unique piece for us showing that human babies are pound for pound stronger than an Ox.

Tracey Bradley

A recent Graphic Design graduate with a varied portfolio full of loveliness, we think she’s going to go a long way.

Karen Klink

Not just great at drawing Spider Monkeys, but just great at drawing. We love everything Karen does.

Tom Edwards

He loves cats, he did this illustration for our exhibition. Pharaohs were buried with 38 cats. We love Tom’s work.

Chloe Chadwick

A designer & freelance illustrator based in Manchester and one to watch for the future. Lovely work.

Damien Poulain

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, wonderful. His work just makes us happy. Did we mention we think he’s brilliant?

Alistair Owen

He made this piece for the The Book of Everyone exhibition. Another one that now graces the walls of our Barcelona office.

Mostar Diving Club

The amazing musical artistry of Damian Katkhuda. A great musician, good friend but, frankly, amateur table-tennis player.

Jimmy Turrell

Jimmy tosses surrealism, mixed-media, and neon glowsticks into a blender. Our favourite smoothie.

Matt Abbiss

We could (and do) watch Matt’s animations all day long. Hypnotising. Lovely.

Miguel Vallinas

Miguel’s elegant animals remind us to dress sharp. If only flip-flops weren’t so comfy.